A-29 Super Tucano

A-29 Super Tucano

If it's proven where it matters.. it’s the A-29 Super Tucano

• In operation by 16 airforces;
• More than 550.000 flight hours;
• Approximately 60.000 combat hours;
• Over 260 aircraft ordered;
• Selected, contracted, and certified by USAFProven Solution;
• Extremely Rugged Platform;
• Highly Maneuverable and Controllable
• Outstanding Cockpit Visibility.

Extensive operational flexibility and maneuverability across the spectrum of mission portfolios. The only Light Attack Aircraft designed from the beginning to meet the demands of air combat and austere airfield operations.
Border Patrol and Armed Reconnaissance (Recce)
EO/IR fully integrated system, great visibility from both seats and night operation full capability with Night Vision Goggles (NVG).
Interdiction and Counter Air
Exceptional speed, altitude and range, highly maneuverable for aircraft intercepts, outstanding visibility from both cockpits, and capable of day / night operations.
Advanced Training
Comprehensive training solution, much less costly when compared to jets. Human Machine Interface is similar to those found in 4th generation fighters. Allows practicing with training and live ordnance. “State-of-art” Human Machine Interface (HMI). Synthetic training package for virtual training. APG-68 Class Radar simulation. Training with simulated BVR (Beyond Visual Range) missiles. Training with simulated systems like RWR (radar warning receiver).
Close Air Support
The worldwide choice for Close Air Support. Precise air-to-ground attack modes combined with multiple weapons configurations to succeed in a dynamic combat scenario.
Forward Air Controller - Airborne
Equipped with the complete systems set for: Target reconnaissance and designation. Support real-time target acquisition and attack.
Proven Operation in Austere Environments
The Light Attack Aircraft with over 16 years in service and with thousands of combat flight hours.
Semi-Prepared Runways. Forward Operating Bases. Desert / Sandy Environments. Hot & High Operation.
High Density Altitudes. High Humidity.
Designed to operate from forward air bases
Complies with the most stringent civilian and military requirements for safe and cost-effective operational use. High fatigue life, rugged landing gear for operations on semi-prepared runways, bird impact resistant windshield, corrosion protected to withstand aggressive environments.
Lowest operational & maintenance cost
Minimal infrastructure and ground support required. Quick fault identification and ease of correction. Intensive use of on-condition maintenance concept. MSG-3 based Maintenance Program ensuring High Operational Safety and Minimum Costs. High Availability for Extreme Environmental Conditions
Modern and functional cockpit
Focus on ease of mission accomplishment. Pressurized cockpit with air conditioning, Anti-G System, OBOGS, Armored Cockpit and engine compartment, HOTAS (hands on throttle and stick) controls, Two redundant mission computers (MDP – mission and display processor), Auto flight (autopilot / flight director system), HUD – Head-Up Display with Color HUD Video Camera (CHVC), Up front control panel (UFCP) with back up on CMFD, Designed for pilot safety and comfort for long duration flights.
Electro-optical / Infra-red System
Equipped with EO/IR able to collect images in day/ night operations for target recognition. Embedded laser designator and pointer integrated with the weapon system for target designation and precise attack.
Laser Range Finder
Increased aiming precision with the Laser Range Finder integrated with the weapon system.
Encrypted V/UHF radio which allows secure comms, sending and receiving tracks/ waypoints, targets.
Night Vision Goggle (NVG)
Night operational capability with infra-red vision through the NVG. NVG Gen. III integrated for both pilots. Cockpit and external light fully compatible with NVG, including formation flight lights.
Counter-measure Dispense System
Equipped with two Chaff & Flare dispensers, each one equipped with 30 cartridges capacity. The CMDS is programmable according to the operational philosophy and scenarios.
Ejection Seats
Martin Baker MK 10 (0-0) Ejection Seats with 3 selectable modes of operation.
Power Plant
Reliable and fuel efficient Pratt & Whitney PT6A-68C Engine with 1,600 shp. The engine is automatically controlled by a PMU (Power Management Unit). The engine information is presented on the EICAS (Engine Indication and Crew Alerting System) page on the CMFD.
Net Centric Data Recorder (NCDR)
The NCDR is a rugged recorder able to upload mission plans and download executed mission's data. The data format is fully compatible with the Mission Planning and Debriefing Stations, which provides more operational effectiveness.
Fully integrated SMS managing the five NATO Standard pylons and the two .50 machine guns in mission planning and during attacks procedures: Master Modes (CCIP/ CCRP/ DTOS/ LCOS/ CCIL/ SSLC), Armament Remaining, In-Flight Re-cocking, In-Flight Debriefing and Inventory Selection.
Ground training devices and stations
The most comprehensive advanced training solution in the market with the best investment return in terms of pilot training costs.
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