Cloud Security

Cloud App Prototypes

Quickly and securely access private apps, databases, file sharing, servers, and other services hosted on the public cloud and corporate databases while protecting your data and resources with access controls based on user IDs and your own security strategies.

Cloud Infrastructure Prototype

Provide advanced security while managing and decreasing the risks of deployments in the public cloud. With Cloud Infrastructure Protection, you can seamlessly detect and address threads and incorrect settings in your cloud networks to prevent data loss, stop malware, and comply with the relevant regulations.

Cloud Proxy

Cloud Proxy provides policy-based controls and visibility on web traffic, apps, and cloud services with content and context for all users, locations, or devices.

Data Security

Information Classification

Need to map sensitive information across your company? This solution is made up of interviews with strategic areas selected in advance. We classify information to form the necessary layers for security and confidentiality.

Security Controls for DevOps

Conjur is an open-source security service that integrates with popular tools to provide encryption, identity management for humans and machines, and access controls based on confidential data such as passwords, SSH keys, and web services.

E-mail Incident Management

EIM is a web and mobile platform developed by Tempest that is fully integrated into Broadcom’s DLP, capable of helping you optimize and manage emails placed under quarantine. EIM is simple and agile, designed with user experience in mind to increase operational efficiency and minimize risks, financial losses, and damages to your company’s reputation.

Data Leak Prevention (DLP)

This solution prevents data leaks through rules and deliberation when sending messages according to your company’s sensitive information workflow. This is an important solution to help you comply with the Brazilian General Data Protection Law (LGPD).

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

This solution analyzes data stored and in transit to the cloud while blocking data sharing and transfer.

Endpoint Security

Encryption (Data, Disks, Media, Workflows)

This solution offers technology tools to increase information security and confidentiality through encryption keys.

EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response)

Improves efficiency when capturing and responding to threads with in-depth visualization, precision analysis, and workflow automation. This tool detects, captures, isolates, and eliminates intrusions across all endpoints through AI-driven analysis, investigation guides, and information on unique threats.

EPP (Endpoint Protection)

Offers endpoint security with the industry’s highest rate of efficiency. EPP offers the highest flexibility for your environment, as well as multi-layered defenses, simplified agent management, and unique consoles with AI-driven policy updates.

Identity Management

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Ideal to ensure your company has a secure environment! This solution uses multi-factor authentication to improve security, being an important tool to ensure that all accesses to your environment are restricted to authorized personnel only. MFA – Multi-Factor Authentication.

Credentials Management (Password Safe)

This solution stores and changes credentials while logging sessions and isolating accesses. It allows for minimum privilege policies regarding credentials in your company.

Endpoint Credentials Management

Using a combination of privilege, credential theft, and application control security, Endpoint Privilege Manager allows organizations to block and stop attacks on Endpoint devices, decreasing information theft and attacks without affecting user productivity or overloading tech support.

Password Less

With Password Less, you can offer quick, secure access without the need for passwords for employees, vendors, and third parties who work remotely and need to access business-critical systems and applications. Using multi-factor authentication, Password Less uses biometric resources from smartphones without requiring VPNs, decreasing operational overhead for administrators as well as operational risks.

Information Privacy Management

Information Privacy Management

Use AI to automate your processes and fulfill requests from data holders so that you are compliant with the LGPD.

Network Security

Email Gateway (Anti-spam)

This solution verifies and blocks ingoing emails at the SMTP gateway to scan for viruses, spam, and malicious code. These solutions can increasingly help you verify email deliveries according to internal policies.

VPN Gateway

A VPN Gateway is a specific type of virtual network gateway for sending encrypted traffic between a virtual network and a public internet location. Our team of experts is capable of implementing, updating, and setting up this solution for your business.

Web Gateway (PROXY)

An advanced network security service that imposes consistent security and internet compliance policies for all users, regardless of location or device.

Automated Rules and Policies Management

In need of a solution that can deploy policy management and oversee the development of rules over time? We offer a continuous, automated process for managing policy changes to help administrators reduce errors and improve compliance.

NG Firewall

Our team of experts is capable of implementing, updating, and setting up this technology for your business.


Protects traffic while analyzing protocols and services to find potential threats and attacks. It can be used for alerts and responses. NG IPS – Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System.

Advanced Persistent Thread Protection (APT)

This solution analyzes traffic and behaviors to find guided attacks and zero days. This advanced threat detection tool is used as an additional security approach to examine all communications allowed by security control layers. These applications analyze information sets and find guided threats undetected by existing controls. APT – Advanced Persistent Threat.

Security Information & Event Management


This event management and security information solution supports threat detection and responses to security incidents by collecting security events and analyzing their history in real-time through various data sources from events and contexts.

User Awareness

Enterprise Security Awareness Training

Offers customizable attack simulations on different means, exploring social engineering techniques to pique employees’ curiosity and test their reactions against sophisticated attacks. This is a SaaS platform that offers phishing simulations and training to effectively manage this problem.