Embraer develops tactical mobile Command and Control Centers (C2) for local operations with several customizable layouts and configurations, including communications capabilities, giving customers maximum flexibility.

Fixed and mobile command and control centers

Empower designated personnel to exercise lawful authority and direction over assigned forces for the achievement of missions and tasks. It includes hardware, software, military shelters, vehicles, furniture and all the infrastructure improvements needed to provide situational awareness to higher chains of command.

Logistics management suite

Support system designed to increase the management capacity of logistics activities which provides customer support through the planning, implementation and monitoring of maintenance activities.

Decision-making support system

Fully customized system composed of several integrated software modules, which increase situational awareness through the capture, analysis and dissemination of critical data in order to enhance military operation effectiveness.

Air defense operational module

Low altitude air defense system composed by a SABER M60 Radar, an Air Defense Artillery Operations Center and a tactical communication equipment suite. The Radar is capable of target localization and data transmission to the Operations Center with all security needed.