P600 AEW&C


Protecting What Matters Most

Developed by Embraer and IAI/ELTA Systems, the Praetor 600 Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) System is equipped with a Dorsal Mounted, low weight and high efficient latest-generation RADAR using GaN AESA technology integrated with an advanced AEW&C Mission System for multiple defense and security missions.

The Praetor 600 is Embraer’s newest generation, best-in-class, super mid-size business jet. It delivers superior aircraft altitude, extended endurance, a low altitude cabin environment, and advanced fly-by-wire systems. An advanced communication suite ensures interoperability within a network-centric environment to exploit the capabilities of existing assets.

With superior aircraft performance and state-of-the-art sensors suite, the Praetor 600 AEW delivers defense and security surveillance missions of all airborne and maritime threats at a fraction of the current AEW systems’ cost. This combination brings within reach true sovereign ownership and control of a class-leading AEW system.

See Into and Control the
3-Dimensional Environment
P600 AEW&C delivers the most affordable true sovereign controlled airborne surveillance capability. Its extended air surveillance, air defense, and homeland security capabilities delivers network-centric, fully integrated situational awareness of aerial activities, beyond ground radar detection coverage.
The P600 AEW&C Solution
The P600 AEW&C is equipped with a dorsal mounted, low weight and high efficient latest-generation RADAR using digital GaN AESA technology integrated with an advanced AEW&C Mission System for multiple defense and security missions.
The P600 AEW&C Solution
With superior aircraft performance and an advanced mission system, the P600 AEW&C provides accurate and reliable surveillance in the aerial and maritime environments at a fraction of the cost of modern AEW&C systems. A complete communication suite ensures interoperability and joint operations with existing assets.
The P600 AEW&C Solution
Accurate and reliable surveillance.

Missions and Capabilities

The P600 AEW&C system is a strategic asset and force multiplier. It is equipped with a unique and comprehensive set of systems and capabilities specifically designed to maintain the sovereign integrity of a nation. It provides deterrence against internal and external threats, reinforced by the effective coordination and rapid response of air, maritime and ground-based assets.

It offers advanced solution for modern operational scenarios, such as homeland security, early warning, law enforcement, command and control, air and maritime surveillance, air defense, and electronic inteligence.


HOMELAND SECURITY & LAW ENFORCEMENT | Fighting International Crime
The P600 AEW&C participates in Counter-Drug, Counter-Insurgency, Counter-Terrorism and Air Interdiction operations by denying smugglers access to safe, direct and economical routes. The P600 AEW&C also provides national and international agencies with real-time information required to interdict, apprehend and degrade the capabilities of criminal organizations.
MARITIME SURVEILLANCE | Enhanced Coordination Over Sea
In support of national efforts to preserve and defend national waters, biodiversity and natural resources, the P600 AEW&C exerts national strategic effect through active patrolling of the maritime domain. As it generates and disseminates the Maritime Situational Picture among different assets in joint operations, the P600 AEW&C enables expeditious and accurate decisions.
Whether flying along a nation’s land and maritime borders or around a designated area of interest within sovereign airspace or abroad, the P600 AEW&C detects, identifies, tracks and monitors all air activity at long ranges, providing accurate and timely Air Situational Picture for decision-makers.
AIR SURVEILLANCE | Complete Situational Awareness
The P600 AEW&C collects information from a variety of sources, correlates and analyses it, and broadcasts any threats to other assets. It provides direction and coordination of friendly assets during the entire mission.
AIR DEFENSE | True Sovereignty
The P600 AEW&C is poised to provide a fast response to national air defence challenges, by generating persistent situational awareness in the air domain. Whether looking down into valleys or overcoming blind spots over mountain ranges, the P600 AEW&C provides extended early warning especially of low-flying incoming threats, where ground based air defense radars are limited by line of sight.
AIR SURVEILLANCE | Force Protection
The P600 AEW&C electronic warfare capabilities provide protection of the platform in addition to the rapid correlation of data gathered from passive sensors. This data is shared with other assets to support the Electronics Intelligence battle, or to assist with undetected surveillance of enemy electromagnetic activity.

AEW&C SYSTEMS P600AEW&C Sensors Capabilities

The new 4th generation AESA AEW RADAR & IFF system is a state-of-the-art S-Band digital GaN AESA RADAR, designed for long range detection, identification and tracking of airborne and sea surface targets. The RADAR provides 240° coverage with two back-to-back antenna arrays in a dorsal mount, while the integrated IFF systems interrogates in both civil and military modes, and support ADS-B replies using a 360° antenna. The high performance RADAR & IFF system operates with high efficiency, low false alarm rate and high target capacity within the surveillance volume throughout the different selectable search regimes.



The maritime situation picture is generated by integrating the Radar Maritime detections and the Automatic Identification System (AIS) information


The Electronic Support Measures (ESM) system performs 360° coverage to provide the bearing and the location for airborne and ground (fixed or slow-moving) emitters. Through signal analysis capabilities the ESM system is automatically integrated with the RADAR & IFF system for complete situational awareness.



The Self-Protection Suite (SPS) is comprised of an active RADAR-based Missile Approach Warning System (MAWS) and a passive RADAR Warning Receiver (RWR) mode provided by the ESM system. The P600 AEW&C can also be equipped with a Counter Measure Dispenser System (CMDS) (Chaff & Flare) integrated with both warning systems and a control panel for the air crew

Praetor 600 Platform
The world’s most disruptive and technologically advanced super-midsize business Jet.
State-of-the-art Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion®

Interoperability is a Force Multiplier

Interoperability in the P600 AEW&C is achieved through Command & Control, voice communication and datalink capabilities. This ensures accurate information can be rapidly exchanged through secure means between all participants and decision-makers in the operational environment.


• Air Situational Picture
• Command and Control over the network


• SATCOM for Beyond LOS (BLOS) operation
• LOS Data link


• HF and V/UHF
• Internal Communication System (ICS) among operators and flight crew


• Configured for national and international joint and coalition operations

Short Takeoff & Landing
Minimum takeoff distance (MTOW, SL, ISA) of 6,200 ft, total mission time 7,5hs (max endurance at 38,000 ft) and turnaround time of less than 1 hr.
Flight Performance