C-390 Millennium

The new generation multi-mission transport aircraft

Unbeatable Combination

The C-390 MILLENNIUM is the new generation military multi-mission aircraft that brings unrivaled mobility, high productivity and operation flexibility at low operational costs on a single and unique modern platform.

Truly multi-mission aircraft

Multi-mission capability to perform more with a single aircraft. This provides air forces with optimal fleet performance generated by a cost-effective combination of high availability and productivity.

Rapid reconfiguration
Reducing time on the ground and in the air will improve mission success and help saving lives. The C-390 MILLENNIUM can be reconfigured for all missions in 3 hours or less.
Advanced cargo handling system
The advanced Cargo Handling System (CHS) provides high flexibility and productivity levels, merging a modern solution for software controlled cargo locking with proven cargo handling mechanical solutions. The CHS is designed to be easily and quickly reconfigured for different missions without the need for special tools. The cargo floor can be changed from flat to a roller configuration with the flip-over capability.
Robustness & flexibility
The cargo floor, an integral part of the C-390 main structure, is designed with the strength to transport heavy-tracked and wheeled vehicles of up to 26,000 kg (57,320 lb). An optimized tie-down grid of rings with 10,000 lb and 25,000 lb of restraint in any direction ensures quick configurations changes and great cargo load flexibility. The CHS features all the necessary accessories to facilitate cargo loading, restraining and offloading, such as tie-down rings, roller trays, cargo guidance and restraint systems. It is fully compatible with the existing military airlift equipment, such as type V platforms, 463L pallets, A-22 CDS bundles and ground support loaders.
Aerial refueling high & low speed
The KC-390 is capable of refueling both fixed and rotary wing aircraft, operating at speeds from 120 KCAS to 300 KCAS and at altitudes from 2,000 ft to 32,000 ft. The KC-390 MILLENNIUM on-ground refueling capability can be used to refuel vehicles or forward operating bases.
Air drop effectiveness & precision
The C-390 MILLENNIUM aerial delivery system provides remote and automatic release of cargo in flight at low and high altitudes. The C-390 MILLENNIUM is capable of: LVAD (Low Velocity Aerial Delivery) type-V platforms (single and multiple) up to 41,887 lb; Aerial delivery of CDS (Container Delivery System) up to 22 skid boards; Low Altitude Parachute Extraction (LAPES) up to 22,046 lb.
Search & Rescue. The true first responder.
During Search & Rescue missions, every minute counts to save lives. The C-390 MILLENNIUM turbo fan engines provide unmatched speed compared with other aircraft. The C-390 MILLENNIUM can be equipped with a complete set of equipment to support Search & Rescue missions: Removable Electro-Optical/Infrared pod (EO/IR); Four spotter positions; Lateral litters and/or crew seats; Removable internal fuel tanks to expand range or time on station.
Aeromedical evacuation
The C-390 MILLENNIUM provides support for ground operations or disaster relief missions transporting wounded survivors or casualties. The C-390 MILLENNIUM can be configured to carry up to 74 litters (STANAG 2040) and 8 additional members, including medical attendants and necessary life supporting equipment.
Aerial firefighting
When equipped with a roll-on-roll-off firefighting system, the C-390 MILLENNIUM is an important aerial resource for firefighters in battling wildfires, dropping water or fire retardants. The C-390 MILLENNIUM fly-by-wire provides outstanding maneuverability at low speed and low altitude to fly over wildfire areas, increasing the mission efficiency.
Self-protection suite
The C-390 MILLENNIUM can be equipped with a complete self-protection suite (SPS) to increase survivability levels. Detection & Countermeasures with 360° coverage: Radar Warning Receiver (RWR), Laser Warning System (LWS), Missile Approach Warning System (MAWS), Chaff & Flare, Directional Infrared Counter Measures (DIRCM). Electro Optics/Infrared Pod; Ballistic Protection (Armor 7.62 mm and 0.50 inch); Enhanced Vision System (EVS); HALO Oxygen Rack.
Basic characteristics of C-390 MILLENNIUM design also increase the aircraft survivability level. Key Points: High Speed similar to a fast jet: Mach 0.8; High Altitude: 36,000 ft; Fuel Tanks Inertization: OBIGGS; Redundancy and segregation for critical systems; Night Vision Compatibility; Tactical Radar.
State of the art technology
Building over decades of development experience, the C-390 MILLENNIUM incorporates the most advanced and proven technologies and design concepts. Equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, the C-390 MILLENNIUM provides significantly reduced crew workload, efficiency and precision for the mission accomplishment.
The most capable flight control system in the segment allowing pilots to tailor the system to the mission and safely fly to the limits of the flight envelope with low crew workload.
Fully interactive and CNS/ATM compliant Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion Suite delivers intuitive Human Machine Interfaces, enhancing productivity and safety.
Optional additional crew member station
An optional third crew station in the cockpit, equipped with an integrated display, communication system and mission controls, supports efficient coordination on advanced missions including Search & Rescue and Aerial Refueling.
Head-up Display duplo com Sistema de Visão Avançado permite consciência situacional melhorada em cenários de operações críticas, como em condições de baixa visibilidade.
Onboard Maintenance System OMS
A fully integrated Onboard Maintenance System provides diagnostic information to the maintenance crews, facilitating troubleshooting activities, reducing downtime and cost and achieving airline level availability.
Advanced Cargo Handling System
The flexible Cargo Handling System (CHS) supports the handling of a wide range of cargo in different configurations. This supports ease of load and unload of vehicles and pallets. It also supports automatic cargo aerial delivery.
Loadmaster station
From a protected station, the Loadmaster can control and operate the Cargo Handling System, enhancing system situational awareness and allowing efficient handing and deployment of cargo.
Strut stabilizer
The Hydraulic Strut Stabilizer is an important feature for remote and autonomous operation. Commanded from the Loadmaster Station, it conveniently stabilizes the aircraft reducing time on the ground and minimizing vulnerability in hostile environments.
Four wheels bogie type main landing gear
A Four Wheel Bogie Type Main Landing Gear provides efficient flotation capabilities for operations on soft air fields (CBR-4) as well as shock absorbing capabilities for operations on damaged runways. It supports deployment of the aircraft to unassisted and remote locations.
The C-390 MILLENNIUM Air Conditioning and Pressurization System are modern and efficient, with precise temperature and low cabin altitude controls: combined with the aircraft’s wider cross section and a heated floor in the cargo compartment, comfort is enhanced during Medevac and Troop Transport Missions.
Tactical radar
The C-390 MILLENNIUM is equipped with advanced Tactical Radar, featuring Spot SAR (Spotlight Synthetic Aperture Radar), weather, air-to-air, navigation, air-to-ground and high resolution modes.
The C-390 MILLENNIUM Self-Protection System combines a broad range of Detection & Declaration devices (Radar Warning, Laser Warning and Missile Approach Warning) and capable Countermeasures (Chaff & Flare and DIRCM), enhancing the aircraft security in hostile scenarios.
Mission systems
The C-390 MILLENNIUM integrates several sensors to provide truly advanced multi-mission capabilities. Tactical SAR Radar, EO/IR Pod and Mission Computers allow the flexible employment of the aircraft in different scenarios.
Continuous Computed Drop Point
For the air delivery mission, the Continuous Computed Drop Point (CCDP) algorithm uses altitude, speed and wind to define the optimum release point to reach the drop zone. It allows for manual or automatic cargo release.
The C-390 MILLENNIUM interior, exterior and cockpit systems are fully Night Vision compatible.
Designed to operate in short, austere and semi-prepared runways
Developed according to stringent requirements, the C-390 MILLENNIUM is a transport aircraft with multi-mission capabilities, with a rugged design that withstands operations from semi-prepared and damaged runways, as well as in harsh environments, varying from the hot and humid Amazon forest down to the freezing cold Antarctic continent, as well as in hot and sandy desert conditions.
Small, austere and semi-prepared airfields are important operational environments for military airlift aircraft. The operational capacity of the C-390 MILLENNIUM on semi-prepared and unpaved airfields is achieved through a combination of a highly capable structure, and landing gear designed to operate and reduce damage on soft unpaved airfields. The engines are mounted in a forward elevated position to prevent ingress from debris.
The C-390 MILLENNIUM is capable of operating from the maximum (worst) semi-prepared runway defined by MIL-A-008866B and, for soft field operations, perform 10 passes at a CBR 4 airfield (loose fine sand or soft clay). The C-390 MILLENNIUM has excellent ground maneuverability and can operate on airfields with limited space for parking or maneuvering and no ground facilities. The C-390 MILLENNIUM can normally operate from a 4,000 ft (CFL*) semi-prepared soft airstrip (CBR-6: compacted sand-clay soils) carrying 12 metric ton of cargo to a distance of 500 nm.
Life cycle cost
Outstanding Cargo Capacity, Speed and Availability result in incomparable productivity, which when associated with low operation and maintenance costs, lead to reduced and affordable Life Cycle Costs.
C-390 MILLENNIUM incorporates recognized proven technologies to redundant systems architectures, leading to unprecedented reliability levels in the segment.
The C-390 MILLENNIUM design made maintainability a major requirement. Employing the most efficient methods, such as MSG-3, tools and experience, the aircraft’s maintenance is substantially facilitated and optimized to minimize downtime and cost.
Maintenance plan
In addition to reducing downtime, the optimized Maintenance Plan enhances the benefits of high reliable systems and the airframe to more easily facilitate necessary inspections, checks and services. Years of interactions with air forces, systems manufacturers and certification authorities in Maintenance Steering Groups leveraged real maintenance experience to develop a platform easier to service and maintain.
The highest levels of reliability, combined with ease of maintenance delivers unparalleled availability in the medium airlift market. The optimized maintenance planning and on condition maintenance reduce substantially aircraft downtime and maintenance costs.
Logistic Support & Training
Embraer training infrastructure or on site training devices can be used for expedited operational and maintenance crew readiness. Unprecedented reliability levels for the segment, associated with a design optimized to reduce maintenance and combined with comprehensive support and material services support solutions. This delivers very high fleet availability and low life cycle.
Material services
Supply chain solutions, from transactional to outcome based supply packages. Services include: parts, component repairs and support equipment. Utilizing our vast global network, we provide Repair & Overhaul, Logistics operations, Stock Optimization and Warehouse management.
Fleet services
Specialized entry to service teams deliver mission readiness upon initial operation. World class on-site field service representatives assure fleet readiness anytime, anywhere. Ongoing support with optimized maintenance solutions.
Flight services and training
Specialized Center providing Flight, Maintenance, and Specialized operator training solutions for initial and continued training needs.
Field services
Specialized field service technicians teamed with each Customer to maximize aircraft value thought out the entire life cycle. Providing scalable sustainment solutions, from basic to turn-key performance based capabilities and services.
Information services
Complete state-of-the-art information technology capability services to insure current, timely, and accurate information needed to keep the flight, operations, and maintenance crews equipped and informed at all times.

Dual certification approach from beginning

The C-390 MILLENNIUM is undergoing a full military certification process built over a dual certification approach from beginning. This hybrid process combines the efforts of both civil and military airworthiness authorities. This approach ensures the aircraft can safely accomplish all its military missions. The C-390 MILLENNIUM basic platform is being developed and 
certified by the Brazilian Civil airworthiness authority in accordance with FAA 14 CFR Part 25 standards. The military certification complements the civil certification with military standards, specifications and criteria in order to cover the military mission accomplishment, military items and systems

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