The Phenom 300MED — based on the best-selling light jet for eight years in a row — is the finest, most comprehensive Medevac solution available today. Created in partnership with Umlaut and Aerolite, the Phenom 300MED features best-in-class cabin altitude, the fastest speed and longest range in its category, high mission flexibility, plus low operating cost and the best residual value in its class.


Designed as an ideal solution for both civil and government applications, the Phenom 300MED features one or two stretchers, as well as the ability to carry an incubator and additional medical equipment. Also available as a retrofit, the Phenom 300MED supplemental type certificate (STC) is installed exclusively by Embraer’s award-winning Services & Support organization, ensuring the highest quality, reliability, and service experience.

The Phenom 300MED allows operators to easily reconfigure the cabin for different types of operations in around two hours, in a tool-free installation. Reconfiguration from Medevac back into VIP cabin in less than eight hours.

The Phenom 300MED allows single pilot operation and has state-of-the-art avionics and fly-by-wire technologies, delivering the fastest and longest range in its category, with the capacity of reaching Mach 0.80.

Cabin interior with optimal space utilization saves the operator time and delivers comfort to passengers and patients, with one or two modules & stretchers and/or an incubator.

Phenom 300MED offers the best medical equipment package on the market, and the operator can also customize his aircraft with additional equipment, which he configures according to his specific needs.